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Nanopower International, LLC- nanopower wasmiddelrecensie ,Nanopower International cleaned, coated and cured 30% of a carport solar installation in Vista Clara, California as an experimental process to assess the site-specific production increase associated with modules cleaned and treated with Nanopower SC compared to …NanopowerNanopower builds and markets its own line of modules. We have developed a technology able to reduce the power consumption of any wireless communication chip. It reduces power consumption in idle mode down to a fraction of what any other chip can offer today. Power consumption and power management is a key factor in most IoT applications.


The NANOPOWER project has completed the third year of activity and has reached the end of thefunded period. It was initially conceived in order to address the powering issue in microscale electronic devices and we are glad to communicate that it has been fully developed according the initial plan. The scientific objective of this project was to ...

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NanoPower Company is a 100% Malaysian owned company. Incorporated in the year of 2017. Incorporated in the year of 2017. It was teamed up with a group of dynamic and innovative individuals.

Nanopower International, LLC

Nanopower International, LLC has developed a proprietary Nanopower Solar Clean (SC) photocatalyst technology & two step application process designed to improve solar panel performance over time. Nanopower SC thin film technology incorporates a proprietary photocatalyst customized for use in …

Nanopower International, LLC

Antibacterial applications of Nanopower’s proprietary Titanium Oxide (TiO2) technology helps promote elimination of microorganisms, such as bacteria. TiO2 is nontoxic and has been approved by the American Food and Drug Administration for use in human …

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